Gourmet doughnuts Hand made using local and organic ingredients where possible. Yeast and cake doughnuts in regular and vegan varieties are available daily. We offer a gluten friendly option everyday. CrOHnuts (croissant Doughnut) will be available every Thursday-Saturday.


12 Regular doughnuts -  $30
6 Regular Doughnuts -  $18
12 specialty doughnuts - $40
6 Specialty Doughnuts - $24
Individual Regular  - $3
Individual Specialty - $4
CrOHnuts - $5
Gluten Friendly - $4

Not all flavours are available at all times. Because we make the fillings and glazes fresh everyday, we may not be able to accommodate all requests. Shoot us an email for availability! 

Some of our superstar doughnuts


1. Lemon Meringue*

Our famous lemon curd with deliciously toasted meringue. Tart and pillowy soft rolled up into one tasty package.

2. Dark Chocolate Caramel Pretzel*

Fair trade chocolate ganache with house made caramel and salty crunchy pretzels sprinkled on top. Decadent to a (not) fault.

3. Cherry Amaretto with Toasted Almonds

One of our many "adult" doughnuts. Sour cherry syrup and amaretto glaze topped with fresh toasted almonds.

4. Crème brûlée*

Fancy meets simple in this specialty doughnut. Vanilla custard in our fluffy soft doughnut covered in caramelized sugar. classy meets delicious.


Some of our other flavours:

Lemon Curd
Grapefruit Curd
French Toast (cinnamon cream with maple glaze) [V]
Glazed [V]
Lavender glaze
Mocha almond
White chocolate cardamom glaze with pistachios *
Peanut butter cup [V]
Jam busters (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and orange, cranberry-ginger) [V]
Chocolate dip (with and without sprinkles) [V]
Vanilla sprinkles [V]
Boston Cream [V]
Chocolate cream [V]
Ginger-lime curd*
CrOHnuts **
Hibiscus Glaze [V]
Blood Orange glaze [V] (Seasonal)
Pistachio cream with rose water glaze [V] *
Blueberry Glaze [V]

Coconut Cake
Pecan Pie w/ Maple Whisky glaze and vanilla streusel*
Everything Bagel*
Cookies N' Cream [V]

Strawberry Chocolate [V]
Twix [V]
Earl Grey Glaze [V]


V indicates varieties that can be Veganized
*indicates specialty varieties
**indicates unique varieties



Peanut butter and jam [V]
Caramel cream with chocolate

Dulce de leche glaze [V]*
Chai glaze [V]
Lemon glaze with lemon rosemary sugar [V]
Pink Peppercorn glaze
Thyme glaze
Chocolate cake doughnuts (glazed or chocolate dipped with coconut)
Bailey's glaze with guinness brownie chunks *
Matcha green tea glaze [V] *
Nutella glaze
Rootbeer [V]

Cookie Dough
Raspberry Curd*
Caramel Popcorn [V]
Peanut Butter Chocolate [V]
Maple dip [V]
Sourcream old fashioned
Vanilla cake doughnut with cinnamon(/cardamom) sugar
Cinnamon Pershings [V]
Coffee Crisp (coffee cream with mocha glaze & vanilla wafers) [V]
Coconut cream with chocolate [V] 
Fritters [V]

Cherry Cheesecake
Blueberry cheesecake*
Pecan Toffee Crunch*
Nanaimo *[V]
Pineapple Curd w/ Coconut glaze & toasted Coconut


More Flavours Added Regularly!

*Not all flavours are available everyday. We are only able to accommodate preorders for the flavours we will offer that day.

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