We Love your thirst for knowledge (and doughnuts). Here are answers to some of our most asked questions:

Q- When will you have [insert favourite flavour here] again?

A- We make our menu for the week on Sunday. We don't post the week's menu because we often have to make changes and we don't want customers to get their hopes up for a certain doughnut a certain day only to change it and disappoint. We generally try to have all of our flavours at least once a week. We change our menu daily because we have so many flavours and think variety is the spice of life!

Q-Are your gluten friendly doughnuts safe for celiacs?

A-We say gluten friendly and not free because we fry the doughnuts in the same oil, and we do use wheat in the kitchen so unfortunately we cannot make any guarantees these are suitable for those with severe sensitivities.

Q-Why can't you fry the gluten friendly and/or vegan doughnuts in separate oil?

A-We have one fryer, and do not have any space for another (our kitchen is smaller than you might think). Because we make all the doughnuts at the same time, and fry within the same time, so they are ready around opening at 7or8am, it is extremely unpractical for us to change the oil in between frying (it takes a couple hours for it to cool enough to filter, and about 30 minutes to heat to the correct temp). And because we cycle through regular, vegan and gluten friendly doughnuts, having separate oil is just not practical. We did try frying gluten friendly in a separate pot of oil, and it just didn't work out.

Q-why don't you just make all your doughnuts vegan?

A-Although we appreciate vegans and the practicality of a plant based diet, we believe many of our doughnuts are their most delicious with some delicious local organic eggs and butter (and sometimes bacon).

Q-Can I place a pre-order for a specific flavour?

A-Probably! Because we make all the fillings and glazes in house, and have so many of them, we can't guarantee we'll have every flavour available on hand when you'd like them. But with enough notice (at least a week), we should be able to accommodate most requests). If we don't have a flavour planned for the day you'd like it, it's likely we can make you some just for yourself. Just email info(at)ohdoughnuts.com to discuss.

Q-Why don't you have a set menu?

A-We believe variety is the spice of life! And we don't want to be limited by a few flavours for a few months. Our flavours change daily, but we generally plan to have all our flavours at least once a week.

Q-Are you able to make enough doughnuts for my wedding?

A-You betcha! We ask for at least a month notice, but can accommodate large orders. Just email info(at)ohdoughnuts.com to discuss.

Q-Do you have dairy free doughnuts?

A-Yes! All our vegan doughnuts are made without any dairy, eggs, or animal by-products. Our sugar is kosher, we do our best to avoid cross contamination, but we do use dairy, eggs and other animal products in our regular doughnuts.

Q-Why do you sell out?

A-We hand make the dough, fillings and glazes, and we make our best guess for how many doughnuts people will want to enjoy in a day. It is our ultimate goal to sell out at a reasonable time, so we minimize waste. It is difficult for us to just make more doughnuts if we know we are going to sell out because our process takes about 6 hours from dough making, frying to filling and glazing. National chain doughnut shops never run out because their doughnuts come in to Winnipeg frozen, so they always have some on hand. Our doughnuts are never frozen.

Q-Why am I out of the Skip the Dishes delivery range? Do you deliver?

A-Skip the Dishes determines their delivery range, we hear it's 17 minutes from our location. If you'd like them to expand this range (I mean, why haven't they?!?!?), please consider contacting them! For now, we aren't delivering small orders, only orders over 6 dozen.

Q-I requested certain flavours in my Skip the Dishes order, but didn't receive them, why?

A-Because we only make a certain amount of doughnuts a day, we do run out of popular flavours. Unlike a restaurant that makes each order as it comes in, we already have the doughnuts made and cannot make more based on requests. This is why our Skip the Dishes page mentions we will do our best, but all flavour requests cannot be guaranteed. Sorry!

Q-Why don't you have CrOHnuts everyday?

A-CrOHnuts take 2 days to make, and make our frying oil all buttery. To minimize oil waste and maximize our limited staff hours, we have decided to make CrOHnuts Thursday-Saturday. For this reason, CrOHnuts are also the last doughnut fried each day, so they often are ready after we open. Saturday's see them ready after 10am.

Q-Can I order and pick up a day before my event?

A-Because we make everything, including the doughnuts fresh and without preservatives, we do not recommend you pick up doughnuts a day before you intend to enjoy them. Because they are fried, they do loose their soft fluffy tasty texture the next day, which is different than a cookie or a cake. This is why we don't sell day olds.

Q-I have a nut allergy, are your doughnuts safe for me to eat?

A-Depends on your sensitivity. We do use nuts in our kitchen, so we can't guarantee against cross contamination, although we do our best. We do offer doughnuts without nuts. If you are concerned, you can contact us to discuss options.

Q-I am having a wedding social or fundraising event, are you able to donate a gift certificate?

At this time we are not donating to wedding socials. Causes close to our hearts include LGBT*, animal rights/welfare, and environmental initiatives. We decide in the first few months of the year where our support will land, so please get your requests in early. Thanks for thinking of Oh Doughnuts to support your cause!


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