Hello! This is the beginning of a sweet, sweet relationship!

Owner operator Amanda Kinden is kinda into baking. Okay, maybe that's an understatement. Cake, cupcakes, cookies, you name it, she likes making it. While trying to figure out what to make for an event she was catering in early 2014, she decided to make doughnuts. Little did she know Winnipeg was jonesing for fresh doughnuts like nobody's business. And so Oh Doughnuts was born.

Oh Doughnuts takes pride in its creations by making everything in house from scratch. From classic flavours like Boston Cream and vanilla sprinkles (think Homer Simpson) to savoury and you-wouldn't-think-this-would-be-good-as-a-doughnut flavours like everything bagel or Chicago mix, Oh Doughnuts offers too many flavours to count. With a menu that changes daily, Oh Doughnuts keeps things interesting by introducing new flavours regularly.

Knowing that we can have doughnuts with as little impact as possible (i.e they are not frozen and shipped in from Ontario), Amanda has sourced as many of the ingredients from local producers. Local ingredients are  important but so are organic ingredients. Every effort is made to find an ingredient locally and organically. Our organic flour comes from Elie Manitoba (Prairie Flour Mills), our organic eggs come from Nature's Farm in Steinbach Manitoba. Our butter comes from Notre Dame Creamery, in Notre Dame de Lourdes Manitoba. Unfortunately, we aren't able to grow cocoa in Manitoba, so the best we can settle for is Camino fair-trade, organic chocolate.

Sustainability goes further than ingredients. Our doughnut boxes and coffee cups are purchased locally and are completely compostable or recyclable. Recycling and composting are an easy part of making doughnuts. Green Action Centre's social enterprise Compost Winnipeg  is picking up our organic waste. Food waste is unnecessary and avoided at all costs, and conservation of other resources like electricity and water is a high priority.

Our used frying oil is picked up by someone local and refined to be used as bio-fuel. Hopefully someday our doughnut delivery vehicle will run on the waste oil we create! For now, a hybrid is our doughnut business vehicle.

Plastic and single serve items will be non-existent in our shop. Straws will be available upon request and will be compostable. Cream and sugar will be available in multi-use quantities.

Have a suggestion for how we can better serve you? Let us know!



Commitment to Winnipeg

Oh Doughnuts is delighted to give back to local non-profit organizations. Environmental, social and animal welfare organizations will receive the support of Oh Doughnuts. While we are focusing on opening up the shop at this time, we are working on a plan to donate the proceeds of a special doughnut to a different non-profit each month. Watch for details on how your organization can get involved.

At this time, Oh Doughnuts is not able to support private fundraising events (wedding socials, school fundraisers). Please check back for updates!

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